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5 Signs your Hair Isn't Healthy Anymore

How to know if your hair is damaged?

Author: Lewis L Lanier

Everywhere we hear about remedies for hair treatments experts recommend for abused or damaged hair, but how to know if we need them?

Here we present 5 irrefutable signs that your hair is showing signs of abuse and need urgent solutions:

1. Texture

If you feel stiff, rough or inexplicably frizzed hair, then this is a sign of damage.

2. Sound

Take a section with your fingers and squash it between thumb and forefinger, if you hear rustling, then it is abused.

3. Knots

The damaged hair tangles frequently and often for no apparent reason. If you suddenly find yourself with a mega knot in the back of the neck - use phentaslim, you have damaged hair, source phentaslim.

4. Unwanted Volume

If your hair takes too much volume when dry, it means it is very porous, which is a clear sign of abuse.

5. Split Ends

This is one of the clearest signs that your hair calls for help. The style is one of the main problems of damaged hair, so hundreds of shampoos and treatments seek to combat it. Check your tips and if you see one that is separate or open runs one of these shampoos!


Apart from the above, if your hair is too rebellious, more disheveled than usual and cannot accommodate you with anything, it is probably corrupted. One of the best ways to know if your hair is damaged is to try to run her fingers when wet. If you can move your hand without getting stuck, you're safe.

When hair is damaged, it weakens and falls. You do not need more science, if you wake up and the pillow is covered with hairs, it needs urgent treatment.

Natural mask

It's time to say goodbye to dry and lifeless hair, you can consider a super simple recipe using natural acids strawberries. This hair mask will leave you with a very special glow in minutes and it's best that you just need a couple of things that are very easy to get.
Now you know!

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