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6 Mistakes your are Doing to your Sex Life

Author: Bernard Moss

Taking into account the opinion of experts in dating relationships, we share some Lovemaking Tips so you can start Having Great Sex. We offer a few tips to avoid common mistakes when making love:

1. Feeling scared or embarrassed to try new things: Surely, once you or your partner have had an idea to spice up your sex life but are frightened or ashamed what the other might think. It is shown that in 90% of cases, all couples would like to try something new but never get to propose anything discomfort or fear of offending other.

2. Try to convince your partner to make love: If your partner is tired or not in the mood, trying to persuade or convince her to have sex almost never works. You can consider oral sex or caress your love between 9am and 10am. That's the time of the day when testosterone levels are highest.

3. Neglecting foreplay to penetrate before: Many people who are in a relationship (especially men) tend to neglect foreplay to begin to enjoy intercourse sooner, but did you know that foreplay is actually the best ways to enhance and ensure orgasms? Right. If you kiss, caress and touch longer with androgel, this may make sex more satisfying - androgel.

4. Using toys or porn to improve sex: When sex is going through a bad time, many couples, especially men, believe that a video or a visit to the sex shop instantly takes passion. Error! While toys or triple X videos may have their place in your lovemaking repertoire, relying on them can be very dangerous.

5. Trying to “finish” at the same time: Without the valuable access to appropriate techniques, we can think that simultaneous orgasms are over-valued. Often it seems almost impossible to get, but obviously with the necessary information possible.

If you are not able to control when to have your orgasm, you will fully focus on your partner first. No matter what, make love in ways that are more satisfying for your partner.

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