Glass Door Hardware: Modern Knob Sets

02 apr 2016 by Eleanor Porter

Different types of doors presuppose the usage of different types of glass door hardware. The latter is represented by diverse pieces the importance of which cannot be overestimated. Some of these articles are doorknobs. Modern doorknob sets can be purchased nowadays from a number of resources including home improvement stores, specialized shops and the Internet.

No matter whether you choose to install this type of garage door hardware on your own or with the help of experienced specialists your living space will be greatly improved as a consequence. The look of your house will be immediately updated with no need to renovate or redecorate the entire home.

Glass doorknob sets are available in many diverse styles, designs and finishes to make the choice of the necessary item easier. Remember that the piece you're considering should match your current door hardware, for instance, hinges. This rule also concerns door knobs. So, no matter whether you're changing the sets which are currently in use or installing a new door, glass doorknobs will undoubtedly add an elegant touch and beauty to any style of the door decorating it in a unique way.

Doorknobs can be rightfully called a focal point of the garage door design for the reason that they are a significant feature of any garage and are frequently used pieces in the house. Buying a high quality and attractive door knob will guarantee you great durability. Don't be in a hurry to buy the doorknob set you like at first sight but take your time to compare the offered items in terms of quality and price. Ensure that the materials from which this item is produced are strong and sturdy.

The strongest material is solid brass that is also notable for the ability to resist wear and tear in the course of time. Besides, brass offers a great choice of finishes such as Polished Brass, Brushed Nickel, Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Polished Chrome. Today, modern glass knobs are available in a few patterns including fluted glass, octagonal, pumpkin, oval and circular.

Installation of glass door hardware is a rather simple project that doesn't require any special skills from a homeowner. Nevertheless, one will need to take several measurements necessary for making the right choice of doorknobs.

Standard backsets are represented in two basic sizes: 2 inches and 2 3/8 inches. The greater number of interior doors require a 2 3/8 inch backset, while exterior doors - the one of 2 ? inches. A backset should be measured from the door's edge to the bore hole's center. It's also necessary to check the door's thickness that can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. You should be aware of the fact that standard doors have the size of 1 ? - 1 ? inches. If your door is thinner you may need to trim the rosette screws to accommodate it properly. In any case it is a wise decision to consult an interior design expert or a contractor if you have some questions concerning the correct installation of new doorknobs, no matter whether your garage door is new or old.

The sets of glass door knobs offer a great opportunity to bring fresh and vivid vibrancy to any home. Besides, it can be coordinated with any kind of glass hardware including curtain tie backs, cabinet knobs, and coat hooks. It should be kept in mind that sets of glass door knobs will perfectly match into modern and vintage homes.