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How to Discipline Toddlers in Ways they will Understand

Disciplining a toddler is the phase most parents give up. This is because they cant simply get what you're trying to do and discipline them. The cause and effect is still far from their understanding so time-outs and punishments don't work at all. But worry not, according to a renowned psychologist, Dr. Deborah Ledley, disciplining a toddler is more on setting boundaries, and socializing with your child. There are effective strategies that you can easily do in order to start disciplining your child even at the tender age of 1.

Showing your child how it is done

Toddlers love observing and watch what you are doing. It is best to demonstrate the behavior that you want them to exhibit especially when dealing with other people. For instance, set play dates and show them how to deal with other kids. If they don't like to eat the vegetable puree you made, eat it with them so that they will learn to love eating healthy meals.

Be consistent

Don't forget to set limits and always be consistent with it. For instance, don't let them eat sweets like candies or cookies before dinner and you should always be consistent with it. Make sure you and your husband and anyone else in the family are consistent in establishing rules for the kids.

Distraction works for kids

Distraction is one of the effective ways to avoid screaming at your kid whenever they have tantrums. To do so, quickly look for another diverted activity to take their mind off the thing/s makes them mad about. You can offer another toy to play with your child or simply cuddle them and read children's book.

Compliment them good behavior and other positive things

Experts believe that the reason toddlers throw out tantrums and act out because they are not given the attention needed. Their lack of communication skills makes them frustrated with not being able to get your attention. Always let your child know about the good things they have done.

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